[Commissions for salmon fishing approved; writs submitted by the merchants and craftsmen; act regarding silver and gold work to be drawn]

Commissione to the Erle of Montrose for the salmond fishing upon the water of Southesk and Northesk conforme to the act of parliament.

Commissione to the Marquis of Huntlie for the water of Lochie.

Anent the mutuall actis presented by the merchantis and craftis, their was produced by the craftis the seale of caus for the shoemakers and ratificatione thairof under the privie seill. Item, the seale of caus of the skinners ratified under the greate seale. Item, the gift graunted to the gold smithis under the privie seill, with the ratificatione thairof in parliament and the copie of his majesties letter and supplicatione to the counsale. Item, the hammermenis seale of caus, with ane decreit of secreit counsale. Item, ane decreit befoir the provest and baillies in favours of the skiners against Andro Ker, and declaired they had no moir to produce at this tyme. James Cochrane, deane of gild, for the merchantis, desyred to sie the saids writtis whill the morne and Richard Maxwell answered that no delay should be graunted upon that sight becaus the haill seallis of causes ar registerat in their buikis quhairof they ar maisters, and haif advysit alreadie with the same thir many dayis bygane. The articles appointis the merchants to sie the saidis writtis whill the morne and accordinglie the saidis writtis wer gevin to Jhone Smith.

Appointis ane act to be drawin ordaining all silver and gold smith work to be maid in fynnes according to the standard.

[Protest against act; protection granted; act continued]

Protestatione be the conservatour against the act discharging his exactioune of custome upon the coale.

Protectioune to the Laird of Amisfield, younger, to the fyftene day of November nixt.

Act discharging the standing salmond nettis ordained to be shewin to pairtes interest, and the producear of the act to condiscend upon the water quhair the said act is desyred to be of force. The act delyvered to Thomas Bruce.

[Deleted clause]2

  1. NAS, PA6/3, 'August 31-October 22 1639', f.18(a) v.
  2. 'Act ordaining guids takin by thieves to be restored to the owners red, voited and past in articles', deleted. This act appears undeleted in the following day's business.