[Supplication continued; commissioner for Dumfries cited to answer to supplication; act refused]

Supplicatioune by the towne of Edinburgh, craving some cours to be takin for releife of some pairt of the debt contracted for publik workis, continewed to be thought upon.

Jhone Newall Smith and the commissioner for Drumfreis being called in presence of the articles, the lordis commissioneris general requyred the commissioner of Drumfreis to be readie preceislie the morne to give answer to the supplicatioune formerlie presented be the said Jhone Newall.

Act anent cruvis, togidder with the supplicatione presented thairwith craving that the actis anent Setterdayis slop, midstreame and distance of heckis may be ratified with some additiounes, the Lord Halkertone and Craigievar being hard for the act and supplicatione, red and refuised in articles.

[Exceptions against act to be brought in; act approved; commission for plantation of kirks delivered to the lord commissioner]

Supplicatioune by some noblemen and gentlemen craving that the prorogatione of close tyme may be annulled, appointis all persones craving exemptioune to produce the same in writt, that they may be represented to the parliament togidder with the act.

Act for apprehending rebellis red, voited and past in articles and gevin to the Erle of Seafort to be shewin to the noblemen.

Commissioune for plantatioune of kirkis delyvered to the commissioneris grace.

[Overture for the disorders in the north to be brought in; supplication read and continued]

The noblemen appointed to give in thair overturie for the north efternoone.

Supplicatione by the procurator for the kirk, craving ratificatione of his gift and assignatione for his pensioune, red and continewed till efternoone.

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