[Ratifications approved; ratification remitted to certain members; additions to commission for plantation of kirks to be submitted to the lord commissioner]

Ratificatione to Jhone Carstairis of the barronie of Kilconquhair.

Ratificatione to Maistir James Scott of the lands of Boningtoune.

Ratificatione to Maistir Lawrence Scott of the lande of Bovilais.

Ratificatione in favours of the brughis of Dumbartane and Renfrew of ane decreit of dowble poynding pronuncit by the lords of sessioune betuixt thame, being proponed in articles and Patrik Bell, provest and commissioner of Glasgow, in name of the said towne, being hard thairupon to represent the prejudices redounding thairby to Glasgow, and produce his ressounes against the same in writt, quhilks wer answered viva voce by Jhone Sempill, provest and commissioner of Dumbartane, appointis the saidis commissioners to meitt with the Erles of Argyle2, Lauderdaill and Southesk and to shew thair richtis and reasones to thame that they may report the same agane to the articles.

The commissioners for the kirk being hard upon the act for plantatione of kirkis, they ar appointed to condiscend upon the particulars quhilks they desyre to be addit to the commissione formerlie granted and to present the same to the commissioneris grace that they may be considered.

[Act against hearers of mass continued; supplication regarding the act of pacification read]

Act against heirers of mess and discharging the subjectis to give oathis in forraine kingdomes contraire to the nationall oath being red, continewis the same till the morne.

Anent the act of pacificatione and the particular supplicatione gevin in be Sir Jhone Carnegie of Athie craving to be excepted from the act, that actione may be reserved to him for the guds and money takin from him and that the band grantit be him may be redelyvered and cancelled.

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  2. 'of Argyle' repeated.