[Ratifications approved; committee for the disorders in the north ordered to meet; Sir William Stewart's carriage at the taking of the castle of Dumbarton]

Ratificatione to Maistir James Lawsone of the tak of the teyndis of the parochin of Badrewle.

Ratificatione to the Erle of Traquair.

Ratificatione to the Laird of Dalmahoy of the lands of Dalmahoy.

Appointis the committe for the north to meitt and mak thair report.

Sir William Stewart, compeirand personallie in presence of the commissioneris grace and lords of articles, desyred that his grace and estatis wald tak into thair consideratioune the constant tennour of his unspotted reputatioune, quhilk2 now is most unjustlie tashed by some untrew aspersiounes anent the laite taking of the castle of Dumbartane, from the quhilk his honnour aught to be vindicate and he to be declaired frie of ane disloyall act or malversatioune thairin, and all his cariage in that particular to be declaired honest and creditable. And incaice any man will challange him heiranent, he offered himselfe to all legall tryall and heirupon askit instrumentis.

[Act and ratification approved; act refused; supplications to be shown to the noblemen named]

Act anent3 apparell red, voited and past in articles.

Ratificatione to the Laird of Houstoune.

Act anent the discussing of airs of lyne, maill and provisione red and refuised.

The two supplicatiounes presented by Captane Alexander Mure, the ane against the Erle of Seafort and the other against the Erle of Galloway, appointe the same to be shewin to the saidis noblemen pairties.

[Supplication remitted to the privy council; subcommittee for the broken men and peace of the country to be appointed; ratifications approved]

Supplicatioune be Issobell Haitlie red in articles, who remittis the same to the lords of secret counsale that they may graunt ane recommendatione to the moderatours of the presbiteries of Eist and West Lowthianes for procuiring ane charitable supplie to the supplicant. And in the mein tyme appointis Maistir Robert Barclay to collect some contributione for the supplicant from the lords of articles and parliament.

Anent the setling the peace of the countrie and taking ordour with broken men, appointis the noblemen and barones to name some of thair nomber to attend the commissioneris grace in the abbay at four hours efternoone, to speik with his grace heiranent.

Ratificatioune to James Dumbar of ane act of adjornall.

Ratificatioune to the tailyeours of Edinburgh being red in articles and the Laird of Inverleyth being hard, it is found that the same cannot imped the tradismen dwelling in the brughis of baronie to exerce thair trade within thair brughis of baronie and outwith the liberties of Edinburgh, bot that the saidis tradismen shall haif no power or libertie to work within the liberties of Edinburgh. And siclyke it is declaired that the letters of horning to be direct against the transgressours of the act shall not be direct against the magistrattis, bot it is ordained that everie yeir the magistrate at his entrie shall give directioune to the officiarie to assist the bailyeis in executione of the act; and incaice they be found negligent, to complaine to the counsale, quha shall tak ordour with the magistrate for redres thairof. And siclyke it is declaired that noblemen, counsallours, lordis of sessione and prime baronis ar excepted forth of this act quha hes servantis of thair awin that ar tailyeours for thair awin use allanerlie.

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