[Overtures from the commissioners of the kirk presented; supplication refused; supplication remitted to the privy council; pursuit against James Gordon]

The commissioners from the church produced certaine ressones in writt for the presbiteries planting of kirkis usurped by bishopis, which, being red in articles, was delyvered to the kingis advocat togidder with the act presented.

Supplicatione by the inhabitantis of Orknay and Shetland, craving exemptioune from the kingis taxatioune because they ar tennentis of the kingis propertie and payis the worth of the land, red in articles and refuised.

Supplicatioune be the Laird of Frendraucht, craving that the Marquis of Huntlie should find cautione for his sones, kin, friendis, men, tennentis and servantis that Frendraucht, his tennentis and servantis should be harmeless at thair hands, as his father was acted befoir the counsale; and nixt the dyett assigned for exhibitione of James Gordoune befoir the justice generall may be changed, and the marquis stand cautioune for presenting the said James upon fyftene dayis wairning. The articles remittis the first pairt of the said supplicatione to the secreit counsale and for the second pairt appointis the parties to be consulted anent the dyett to be assigned for persute of the said James Gordoune, that thairefter the marquis may declair gif he will stand cautioner to that day.

[Supplication remitted to the lord commissioner; commission for surveying the laws approved; supplication remitted to commission for surrenders, teinds and plantation of kirks]

Supplicatioune by the noblemen and gentlemen craving exemptione from payment of custome for the amunitioune imported. William Dik, being present, promeist to speik with the lord commissioneris grace and give his answer heiranent the morne.

Commissioune for surveying the lawis red, voited and past in articles.

Supplicatioune by Gordoune of Tillythroskie, craving that the lords of sessioune may be judgis to the suspensioune raisit by him against the minister of Birse of ane decreit gevin by the commissioune for teyndis, remitted to the commissione now granted for surranders and teynds.

[Supplication approved; act remitted to the privy council, lords of session and justice general]

Supplicatioune for the register of seasingis and reversiones to be keipit at Dumbartane, conforme to the act of parliament 1617, red, voited and past in articles, the present incumbent getting satisfactione and geving his consent.

Act anent the inbringing of witneses quha ar denuncit rebells for not compeirance to beir witnes befoir any judge red in articles, who remittis the said act to the lords of secreit counsale so far as concernis the witneses denuncit for not compeirance befoir thame, and to the lords of sessione so far as concernis the witneses denuncit for not compeirance befoir thame, and to the justice generall so far as concernis the witneses denuncit for not compeirance befoir him, and appointis the saidis judicatories respective to tak course for redres of the prejudice mentioned in the said act and establishing ordour thairanent. And recommendis also to thame to sett downe ordour for ressonable satisfactione to witneses of thair expenses.

[Act continued and remitted to certain members; act regarding the apparel to be drawn up; act continued]

Act anent taking ordour with rebellis and apprehending thame in civill bussines continewed to be thought upon, and appointis the lord privieseill, Argyle and Montrose, the shirref of Teviotedaill and Wauchtone, the provest of Aberdein and Glasgow to speik thairanent and to meitt att two hours efternoone. The act delyvered to the lord privieseill.

Act anent the apparell delyvered to the Erle of Rothes to be drawin up.

Act discharging privie wryttingis from his majestie to the lords of sessioune continewed till efternoone.

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