[Ratification approved; supplication remitted to certain members; act and commission of justiciary approved]

Ratificatione to the Laird of Aitkin of ane delyverance of counsale.

Supplicatione be Walter Stewart against Craigivar, the pairties being hard in presence of the articles, appointis the Erle of Rothes, Southesk and Laird of Auldbar to speik with Craigivar heiranent.

Act suppressing the distinctione and difference of spirituall and temporall lords of sessione red, voited and past in articles, and the commissioneris grace requyred the advocat to draw up ane act discharging ministers from any civill places or medling in any civill bussines.

Commissione to the Erle of Southesk of the justiciarie of the salmond fishing in Northesk red, voited and past in articles.

[Complaint by the Earl of Argyll against Sir Donald Gorme considered; Sir Donald Gorme absolved]

Anent the complaint gevin in against Sir Donald Gorme be the Erle of Argyle, the parties being callit and Sir Donald examined upon certane interrogatours, quhilk he denyed, as is extant in the proces, quhairupon Sir Donald is assoilyed.

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