[Ratifications approved; acts read and continued; complaint by the Earl of Argyll against Sir Donald Gorme debated]

Ratificatione to the shirref of Teviotedaill.

Ratificatione to the towne of Dumbartane of thair thrie fairis.

Ratificatione to the Erle of Eglintoune.

Act ordaining the power of presenting the ministers to kirks quhilks the bishopis hes been in use to present since 1606 shall belong to the kirk, and that the presbiteries within thair jurisdictioune shall provyde and admitt these ministers, red in articles and continewed.

Act ratifeing the cases against heirers of mess and discharging the subjectis of this kingdome to give any oathes in forraine nationes contrarie to thair nationall oath, red in articles and continewed.

Act anent unionne and disunioune of kirks and plantatione of schollis etc. red in articles and continewed till the morne.

Anent the complaint gevin in be the Erle of Argyle against Sir Donald Gorme and divers others, craving that the commissioneris grace and articles wald trye and punish the calumnies contained in ane supplicatioune presented by the saids persones against the said erle, the pairties being present with thair procurators and they hard to dispute thairin viva voce2. The lords of articles ordaines the pairties to dispute gif ane pairtie geving in ane supplicatioune to the counsale, quhairin the defendent is interest in honnour, and thairefter the said defendent craving reparatioune before the parliament of the prejudice sustained by the calumnies emitted in the said first complaint, gif the said first complainer may mend his first complaint or libell when he is complained upon in parliament and ather divyde, explaine or alter in this judicatorie quhair now he is become defender the first dishonorable expressiouns contained in the libell befoir the counsale. The lords of articles findis the supplicantis in the first supplicatioune complained upon cannot now, at this tyme, mend the same to elyde the Erle of Argyles complaint now presented to the articles. And in so far as concernis Sir Donald Gorme, the Erle of Argyle referred the complaint exhibited be him to the said Sir Donald, his aith and promeist to give in his interrogatours thairanent the morne.

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  2. 'as is extant in the proces', deleted.