[Overture against the theft of silver work to be further considered; article for powder works remitted to certain members]

Anent the overture for restraining the steilling of silver work and punishing the ressetters, appointis the presenters of the overture to condiscend upon some propositioune quhilk may facilitate the granting of the act.

Anent the article craving libertie to the liegis to erect powder workis, the Erle of Linlithgow being hard thairupon and the patent red, appointis Dundas and Jhone Smith, with the lord justice clerk, to speik with the Erle of Linlithgow in this bussines.

[Exemptions from act regarding salmon fishing granted; supplication continued]

Anent the supplicatione gevin in be the Erle of Airth, Perth, Tullibardin, Kinnowll and others craving exceptione from the act of parliament anent salmond fishing for the waters of Forth, Teth and Tay and thair graines, and that they may begin their salmond fishingis at Andermess as was done befoir, red, voited and past in articles and ordained to be excepted from the act. And the Marquis of Huntlie promeist to give in ane exceptione also for the water of Lochie.

Anent the supplicatione presented be Edward Spencer, corier, craving libertie to buy hydis upon publik mercatt dayis and vent the same, being coried, continewis the same till efternoone.

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