[Ratifications approved; protest against]

Ratificatione in favouris of Heriotis Hospitall of the contract betuix his majestie and the towne of Edinburgh red, voited and past in articles, provyding the signatour upon the contract thairin mentionate be past and exped, otherwayis this present ratificatione to be null.

Ratificatione to the towne of Edinburgh of the act presented to the parliament 1633, reference maid thairupon to the counsale and decreitt and actis following thairupon anent the augmentatione of thair ministers stipendis, red, voited and past in articles.

Item, the ratificationes following past in articles conforme to the chartours and rightis thairin mentionate, viz:

In favours of Sir Thomas Nicolsone of Carnok and Plane.

In favours of the Laird of Athie, younger, and his lady.

In favours of Maistir James Baird of Little Fiddes.

In favours of Generall Leslie of Balgonie and Cragingatt.

In favours of Maistir Jhone and Andro Skenes of Halyards and Auchtertull.

In favours of Robert Pringle and his sone.

In favours of the Hous of Ballinden.

In favours of the Erle of Kinghorne of the patronage of Roscobie.

In favours of Maistir William Scott of Clerkingtone.

In favours of the Erle of Home and brugh of Duns.

2In favours of Maistir Alexander Belsches of Toftis.

In favours of the Erle of Stirling of Tillibody and Tillicoultrie.

In favours of the Lord Lorne of Kintyre and brugh of Inverarie.

In favours of Sir Thomas Hoip, his majesties advocat of Craghall.

In favours of Sir Alexander Gibsone of Durie.

In favours of James Maxwell of Innerweik of the patronage of Dirletoune.

In favours of James Levingstone of Beill.

3Protestatione be the Erle of Lauderdaill against the same act in favoures of the Erle of Kinnoull of Dupline.

In favoures of the said Erle of Kinfawnes

In favoures of the said erle of the tak of the teindes of Cousland.

In favoures of Cranstoun Riddell of Cousland and uthairs.

In favoures of David, lord Cardros of the erectioun of Drybrugh etc.

In favoures of Broomhill of the baronie of Skirling.

In favoures of the justice clerk of the lands of Orbestoun etc.

In favoures of the Laird of Niddrie of the lands of Niddrie etc.

In favoures of the Erle of Seafort of the Lewes.

Act anent the constitutione and power of articles in tyme coming continewed.

  1. NAS, PA6/3, 'August 31-October 22 1639', f.14(a) v-14(b) r.
  2. Immediately below and to the left of this clause there is a marginal note which possibly reads 'and William Scott', although due to the binding it is difficult to distinguish the first word or words. Likewise it is unclear which ratification the note applies to.
  3. As above, there is a brief marginal note (largely illegible) which may apply to this protestation.