[Act amended; acts to be taken into further consideration]

Act anent the exhibitioune of registers of parliament mendit, and gevin to the Laird of Keir to sie whill efternoone.

Act anent the discharge of proxies, continewed to be thought upon. Delyvered to Keir.

2Act anent the commissioneris, appointed to be shewin to the comissioneris of Edinburgh.

Act for imbringing of thievis continewed till the morne, and delyvered to the Erle of Southesk to be advysed with the committe for the north.

[Acts refused; acts approved]

3Act anent the reductione of tackis of teynds red and refuised in articles.

Ratificatione of the act of sessione anent the signett for byganes and to stand untill etc. [...]4, red, voited and past in articles.

5Act anent the discharge of lettres of four formes against superiours upon comprysingis red and refuised in articles.

Act anent the change of termes red, voited and past in articles, for borrowing and lening of money upon band or infeftment (except the same be ane proper wodsett) and payment of annualrents allanerlie, and the termes to stand for all other thingis.

[Act to be taken into further consideration; act remitted to the judge ordinary]

Act anent the change of the sessioune, appointis the towne of Edinburgh to be heard thairupon efternoone.

Act discharging the executione of ane mairt by the keipers of Dumbartane, remittis the same to the judge ordinar.

[Act read; supplication remitted to the committee for the disorders in the north]

Act discharging the coyning of copper money, or changing the valew of money without advyse of parliament, red in articles.

Supplicatione be Alexander Forbes, complaining upone Jhone Dowgar etc. for sheiring his cornes in the tyme of parliament, remitted to the committe for the north and delyvered to the Erle of Southesk.

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  2. Written in the margin 'Delivered to Maistir William Hay'.
  3. Written in margin 'Delivered to Keir'.
  4. Although APS includes a blank space in this minute, it is unclear whether or not the small gap in the register constitutes a deliberate space.
  5. Written in margin 'Delivered to Keir'.