[Consideration of act continued; act regarding the patent of armoury approved]

The Erle of Linlithgow, being hard for the admirall upon the article presented by the borrowis for discharging the casting out of ballast above the Queenisferrie, the act gevin to Jhone Smith to be advysit, inrespect the admirall alledgit that the power of oversight and nominatione of any persones for that effect and uplifting the fynes belongis properlie to the admirall.

Act anent the discharge of the patent of armorie graunted to Henrie Mauld, the lyoun king at armes, being hard thairupon, red, voited and past in articles for discharging the act for byganes. And to the effect that same course may be takin heirefter for distinguishing armes and taking notice thairof, appointis the lyoun king at armes to doe diligence for cognoscing and matriculating all armes and to represent the same to the lords of secreit counsale, that they may tak some course for discharging the liegis thairefter to transgress that ordour quhilk shall be takin by the counsale under such pane allanerlie as the counsale shall then determine. For the quhilk paine allanerlie, ordaines the patent to stand fra that tyme furth during the space thairincontained.

[Supplication and patent given out for further consultation]

The supplicatioune presented by the coalemaisters against the conservatour gevin to Walter Cant to sie and be advysed whill the morne.

The patent anent the perle delyvered to the provest of Aberdein that he may shew the morne quhairin he desyrs the same to be rectified.

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