[Draft acts to be brought in; supplication remitted to the burghs; supplication remitted to the king]

The Erle of Rothes promeist to produce efternoone some draught of the act of pacificatione and act of releife.

The supplicatione and article presented by the coalmasters, for discharging the impost exacted by the conservatour upon coale, gevin to Jhone Smith, to be communicate to the borrowis, that efternoone he may report their answer and produce the actis granted in favouris of the conservatour for exacting any impostis.

The supplicatione presented by the saltmasteris craving that the new patent of salt granted in England may not be prejudiciall to thame, bot the prejudice redounding to thame by that new patent represented to his majestie, recommendit to the commissioneris general to be represented to his majestie with all humilitie, as ane mater greatlie concerning this kingdome.

[Subcommittee appointed for the book of rates; act regarding small vassals amended and renewed]

Appointis Riccartone, Kemnay, Blacader and shirref of Teviotdaill, the Lord Burley, Balmerinoch, Lowdoune, Erll of Linlithgow, Jhone Sempell, with any two the borrowes pleases to appoint, or any two of each estate, to meitt this day and peruse the act of parliament anent the blew books of raittis and to informe thameselfis anent the abuses committit by the transgressours thairof and wayis to remedie the same and to report the same the morne. The Erle of Linlithgow convener.

The act past in favours of his majesties vassallis of small portiones of land renewed with this additione: that it shall be arbitrarie to the liegis to accept ane precept from the director of the chancellarie under the quarter seale; for the pryce quhairof modifies 40 s. to be payed to the director of the chancellarie for wryting, wax, parchment and all expenses.

[Act approved; article recommended to the king]

Act ordaining preceptis of poynding directed by the baillie depute of the quarter of Sanct Androis within the bounds of the baronie of Torrie to haif executione at the mercat cross of Torrieburne.

Article desyring that his majestie may be pleased to keip Scottismen about the prince, recommendit to the commissioneris grace to be humblie and earnestlie represented to his majestie.

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