[Supplications remitted to the privy council; consideration of supplication delayed]

Supplicatioune from the inhabitantis of Shetland, craving that ane shirref depute may be appointed to reside thair and thair wairdhous buildit, recommendit and remitted to the counsale.

Supplicatioune by Cragiewallace against the towne of Air ordered to be shewin to the provest of Air that he may be hard thairupon, and thairefter the commissioneris general and articles will tak into thair consideratione quhat answer shall be gevin thairunto the supplicatione gevin to Maistir Robert Barclay.

Supplicatione be Alexander Eliot, craving libertie to mak tobacco pypis, remitted to the counsale.

[Supplication debated; instruments taken]

Anent the supplicatioune gevin in be the noblemen and gentlemen of the north, craving that the Marquis of Huntlie should be declaired answerable for Jhone Dowgar and his complices, the supplicantis and the marquis being present with thair procurators, the marquis askit instrumentis that the supplicantis produced certaine articles for cleiring the supplicatioune, quhilk he desyred may ad longum be insert in the instrumentis and protested for remeid of law. And Sir Lues Stewart for him askit instrumentis that the names of the particular persones complainers ar not condiscendit upon, bot that it is acknowledgeit in the supplicatione that the persones greved ar not present.

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