[Act for abolition of episcopacy ordered to be extended]

The act rescinding the actis introducit in favouris of episcopacie and for the civill power of churchmen ordained in articles to be extendit; also for rescinding the saids actis in so far as thairby any power civill is conferred upon abbottis or pryouris as churchmen, and they to be dischargit of all civill power and of ryding and voyting in parliament, as churchmen or in name of the church, but prejudice alwayis of all rightis graunted by any archbishopis, bishopis, prelattis, abbottis or pryouris to any of the liegis.

[Deleted clause]2

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  2. 'Petitione by the L[ord] Kirkcudbright, craving that the parliament wald interceid with his majestie for granting him the lands and money appertaining to him in Irland', deleted.