[The Large Declaration debated and supplication against recommended to the lord commissioner]

Anent the supplicatioune presented by the assemblie against the booke callit The Large Declaratioune, whairof Doctor Balcanquall is challenged to be one of the authors, the commissioner represented that it is not expedient that this supplicationne be presented in ane parliamentarie way becaus it tendis to the renewing of the remembrance of these troubles and the causes thairof, which haif heirtofoir vexed this kingdome and ar now to be buried in oblivioune. And seing the said booke beirs inscriptione of his sacred majesties name, quhilk he will not disclame, it aught to be handled with more reverence then to be challenged in ane public way, quhilk evidentlie rubbis with his majesties honnour and can produce no better effect than ane answer to all assertiounes contrair to what is averred in the booke, and will frustrate the petitioners of thair intendit end. And thairfoir the commissioneris general desyred that gif the petitioners will goe on in this supplicatione, they should doe the same in that quiet humble way which may not trinch upon his majestie, bot will most readilie satisfie his majestie, quhilk aught to be thair first and maine desyre.

The Erles of Argyle and Rothes answered that the said booke containes so many wntrewthis, and is so dishonorable to his majestie and this haill natioune, and is so publik and dispersed through all the world, of purpose to incense neighbour nationes, and speallie Ingland, against ws, and to posses thame with prejudices against thair proceidings, and thairfoir the petitions ought to be presented in ane publik parliamentarie way, quhilk being legal and humble cannot in reasone offend his gracious majestie. The commissioneris general answered that the publik way will rather oblige his majestie to vindicate his honnour by ane answer for maintening that booke then procure any satisfactione from his majestie, becaus the king must ather mainteane that booke, gif it be challenged by ane publik way, or else acknowledge that he tooke armis upon unwarrantable grounds and falss informatione, whilk is so dishonourable that no good subject can desyre or expect the same. And now at this tyme it is unfitt to renew the memorie of what is past upon ather side, bot they are to be covered by ane act of oblivione.

The estatis of parliament being petitioned by the assemblie to joyne with thame in supplicating his majestie against ane booke intituled, A Large Declaratioune (which supplicatione is registerat in the buikes of the assemblie), the estatis humblie recommondis the same to the commissioneris general to be presented to his majestie for obtaining graciouslie the desyre of the said supplicatione; and ordainis this to be inacted in parliament in thir same words and no other wayis.

[Acts read and approved; subcommittee for idle beggars to present overtures the following day]

Act against drunkenes red, voited and past in articles.

Act against blasphemie red, voited and past in articles.

The committee for idle beggers etc. promeist to give in thair overtures in writt the morne.

[Supplication remitted to commission for plantation of kirks; supplication approved; acts against papists and Jesuits ordered to be revised]

The supplicatioune presented by the assemblie craving ane act to be maid giving power to ministers, elders and members of everie presbiterie to stent the parochines for the expenses to the commissioners of the assemblie, the lords of the articles remittis the same to the commissione to be graunted for plantatione of kirkis and augmentatione of stipends, and this article to be addit to the commissione that they may take some course, ather by augmentatione of ilk ministers stipend for such ane sowm as shall be thought ane competent allowance to the commissioners for assemblies or otherwayis as they shall thinke more expedient, and that the course to be takin haif place for the last assemblie.

The supplicatione from the assemblie craving ane civill sanctione for prohibitione of mariage in England to all Scottis people, indwellers in Scotland, red, voited and past in articles, under the paine of 20 merks for ane yeaman servant and 40 lib. for ane yeaman maister and of all others, the sext pairt of thair yeerlie rentis or annualrentis to be payed to the church sessione quhair they dwell, to be applyed to the use of the poore.

The article anent the reviving of the actis of parliament against papistis and jesuitis committed to the advocat and Auldbar, with some to revise the particular acts of parliament thairinmentioned agane efternoone.

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