Warrant: regarding the riding of parliament

The quhilk day the commissioneris of parliament abonenamed, being convenit, compeireit the said Sir Thomas Hope, his hienes advocat, and produceit the warrand wnderwrittin subscryved be Johne, erle of Traquair, lord Lintone and Caverstone, heigh thesaurer of Scotland, his hienes commissioner to this present parliament, daited this penult of August jM vjC threttie nyne yeires instant, wherof the tennour fallowes: Forsameikle as this day the supreme court of parliament is to be fenced, it is our will that immediatelie after the fenceing therof it be declaired in our name, as heighe commissioner to his sacred majestie, that wee and the esteatis intendis, God willing, to ryde solemnlie to parliament upoun the last day of August instant, and that the whole esteatis and commissioneris from barrones and burrowis attend ws at his majesteis palace of Halyrudhous. To that effect subscryvit at Halyrudhous, the penult day of August 1639. Sic subscribitur: Traquair, commissioner. And upon the productione therof asked instrumentes.

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