Procedure: continuation of parliament

The lordis commissionaris of this present parliament abovenamed continowes this present parliament, with all sommondis, actiones, petitiones and otheris materis belonging thairto, unto the tuentie sext day of August nixtocome, with continowatione of dayes, to be than haldin at Edinburghe or wher it shall happine his majestie or his hienes privie counsell to appoynt be proclamatioune, and ordeanes all the esteatis of parliament and wtheris, his hienes lieges, to attend therwpon the said day and place wnder the paines conteanit in the actes of parliament mad thairanent. Wpoun the fencing and continoweing of the quhilke parliament to the day and place foirsaid, the said Sir Thomas Hope, his majesties advocat, in his hienes name, asked instruments.

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