Procedure: protest; asking of instruments

In the parliament haldine at Edinburgh, the tuentie aucht day of Junii, the yeir of God jM vjC threttie thrie yeirs, the same day compeirit Sir James Galloway, maister of requeists, and protestit that the ranking of his majesties advocate in the place before him in the roll of the officers of estate sould not be prejudiciall to him in the precedencie of his place, the maister of requeists being the more auncient officer of estate and in most parliament rolles first namit and rankit, especiallie in that roll of parliament held in anno 1617 whairine the number of the officers of estate, thair rankes and vottes ar establischit be statuit. And his majesties advocate protestit in the contrair inrespect of his auncietie precedencie of place in all parliaments, conventiones and counsalls, and his majesties ranking of the officers of estate in this present parliament, quhairine he, be his majesties awin voice, is rankit befor the maister of requeists. Quhairupon the saidis maister of requeists and his majesties advocate askit instruments. And als the said Sir James Galloway, maister of requeists, protestit that the clerk of register, his preferring of petitiones and ratificationes to his majestie and estates of parliament, sould not be prejudiciall to his place of maister of requeists, to quhome it belongeth to prefer to his majestie and estates of parliament petitiones and ratificationes. And the clerk of register protestit in the contrair, inrespect that be act of parliament all petitiones and ratificationes presentit to parliament ar ordanit to be deliverit to the clerk of register, quha is onlie clerke to the parliament and all commissiounes ischewing frome parliaments, and quha hes ever beine in use and custome to present and read the same in parliament, and wrytte the deliverances of parliament thairupon, and extract the same under his hand, the maister of requeists, his place being onlie to present privatt supplicationes to his majestie; and the present maister of requeists nor his predicessors nather be use, custome nor act having richt or title to preferre any petitiones or ratificationes to parliament, bot the same being repugnant and against the actes of parliament presentlie standing in force. And thairupon the said maister of requeists and clerk of register respective askit acts and instruments.

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