Act in favour of Sir George Hamiltoun

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates of this realme convenit togider in parliament, ordaines ane act of ratificatioun to be maid in this present parliament in favours of his majesties weilbelovit Sir George Hamiltoun of Blaikburne, knicht, ratifiand, approvand and confirmand, lykas his majestie, be thir presents and tennor of the said act, ratifies, approves and with consent forsaid confirmes ane chartor of confirmatione grantit wnder his majesties great seale, of the dait the tuentie aucht day of Marche, jM vjC tuentie tua yeirs, quhairby his majesties umquhile darrest father, of eternall memorie, ratifiet and approvit the chartor, alienatione and dispositione maid, givin and grantit be his majesties traist cowsigne Williame, lord Sinclar of Berridaill, to the said Sir George Hamiltoun, his airs and assignais quhatsumever heretablie and irredimablie, of all and sundrie lands, baronies, anuelrents of the earledome of Cathnes, with castells, toures, fortalices, mylnes, multors, wodes, fischings, tennents, tennandries, service of frie tennents thairof, with advocatione, donatione and richt of patronage of the hospitall of Sanct Magnus in Cathnes and of all uther benefices, kirks, chaplanies, alterages of the said earledome, and particularlie of the archiedeanrie of Cathnes and tua kirkes of Boward and Wattine perteining thairto, personage and viccarage thairof, and of the lands and baronies of Clythe and Greinland, with all and sundrie thair pairts, pendicles, mylnes, multors, tennents, tennandries, service of frie tennents, outsetts and all thair pertinents quhatsumever lyand within the bischoprick of Cathnes, haldin of our said soverane lord in maner mentionat in the said chartor, as in the samyne at lenth is contenit, togider also with the chartors and richts quhairupon the said chartor of confirmatione proceidit and infeftments following thairupon in the haill heads, articles, clauses, circumstances and conditiones thairof, and be thir presents oure said soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the saidis estates, decernes and declairs that the chartors and infeftments abonewrittine sall be sufficient grounds, richts and titles quhairby the said Sir George Hamiltoun, his airs and assignais, may bruik, joyse and posses the lands, baronies, anuelrents, advocatione, donatione and richt of patronage of the said hospitall of Sanct Magnus, and of the severall and particular kirkes abonecontenit, siclyk, als frilie and in the samyne maner as any Earle of Cathnes hes, or micht have, bruikit or injoyed the saidis lands, baronies, anuelrents and patronages abonespecifiet in any tyme bygane; and ordaines thir presents to be sufficient warrand for making ane act in the said parliament in maner abonewrittine.

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