Act in favour of Maister Robert Gordoun of Strealoch

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the thrie estates of parliament presentlie convenit, be the tennor heirof, ratifies, approves and confirmes the letter of tak and assedatione, of the dait at Dumblane, the saxt day of October, the yeir of God jM vjC and threttie yeirs, maid, sett and grantit be Adame, bischope of Dumblane, titular of the teindscheaves of the townes, lands and uthers underwrittine sumtyne perteining to the priorie of Monymusk as ane pairt of the patrimonie and benefice thairof, and now annexit to the said bischoprick of Dumblane be ane act of parliament, with advyse and consent of the deane and chaptor of the cathedral kirk of Dumblane, to Maister Robert Gordoun of Strealoch, his airs male and assignais, of all and sundrie the haill teindscheaves of the townes, lands and uthers respective wnderwrittine, viz: of all and haill the lands, leiving and baronie of Lenturk, towne and lands of the maynes thairof and mylnelands of the samyne, towne and lands of the Newtoun thairof, towne and lands of Ferintoun, towne and lands of Litle Lenturk, towne and lands of Claymylne, towne and lands of Drumdarg, croft of land of Brigend, haill pairts, pendicles and pertinents thairof, lyand withine the parochine of Lerquholl, the said priorie of Monymusk and shirefdome of Abirdeine, for the space and yeirs and for payment of the yeirlie dewtie mentionat and contenit in the said letter of tak, in the haill heads, articles, clauses, conditiones and circumstances thairincontenit, and admitts this present ratificatioun to be als valeid and sufficient as if the said letter of tak war at lenth ingrossit heirintill; quhairanent his majestie and the saidis estates of parliament, be thir presents, dispenses for ever, and ordaines ane act of parliament to be extendit thairupon in dew forme, and thir presents to be ane sufficient warrant thairanent and for inserting of the samyne in the register and bookes of parliament.

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