Act in favour of the Laird of Balvaird

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates of parliament, ratifies and approves the chartor and infeftment grantit be his majestie to Maister Andro Murray of Balvaird and to his airs male and of taillie specifiet thairintill, of all and haill the lands and baronie of Drumduff, comprehending thairintill the particular lands, kirkes, teinds, offices and superiorities at lenth specifiet and contenit in the said infeftment, all unite and annexit in ane haill and frie baronie, callit the baronie of Drumduff, to be haldine of his majestie in maner and forme mentionat in the said infeftment, as the samyne infeftment of the dait at Halyrudhous, the fourteine day of July, jM vjC threttie tua yeirs, at mair lenth beirs, in the haill heads, articles, clauses and conditiones thairin contenit; and wills and grants that this present ratificatioun sall be als valeid and effectuall to the said Maister Andro Murray of Balvaird and his forsaidis as if the said infeftment wer de verbo in verbum insert heirintill, notwithstanding the not inserting thairof; quhairanent oure said soverane lord hes dispensit and be thir presents dispenses for ever.

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