Act in favour of Sir Johne Charters of Aimesfield

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates of parliament presentlie convenit, ratifies, approves and perpetuallie confirmes the chartor wnderwrittine maid, givin and grantit to Sir Johne Charteris of Aimesfield, sone to umquhile Sir Johne Charters of Aimesfield, knicht, styillit in the said chartor Johne Charteris, eldest lawfull sone and appeirand air to the said umquhile Sir Johne Charteris of Aimesfield, knicht, his father, and his airs male, be his majesties umquhile darrest father, King James the Saxt, of eternall memorie, of the dait at Edinburgh, the sevinteine day of Marche, the yeir of God jM vjC thretteine yeirs, of all and haill the lands and baronie of Aimesfield, comprehending the particular lands and uthers mentionat in the said chartor, togider with the burgh of baronie, erectione thairof, haill liberties, friedomes and priveledges of the samyne, with the unioun and erectione of the saidis lands and uthers abonewrittine in ane frie baronie, to be callit in all tyme coming the baronie of Aimesfield, and the towne and village of Aimesfield to be the burgh of the said baronie, with sasing to be takine at the maner place of Aimesfield for the saidis haill lands, baronie and uthers forsaidis to be haldine of oure said soverane lord and his hienes successors in frie heretage and frie baronie for ever, togider with the castells, toures, fortalices, maner places, houses, biggings, dowcatts, yeards, orcheards, parkes, medowes, mures, moses, marrests, commounties, pasturages, priveledges, mylnes, wodes, fischings, pairts, pendicles, outsetts, annexis, connexis, dependences, tennents, tennandries and service of frie tennents of all and sundrie the lands, baronie, burgh of baronie and uthers respective forsaidis, with the pertinents, all lyand within the shirefdome of Dumfreis, with the precept and instrument of sasing following upon the said chartor, in the haill heades, clauses, articles, circumstances and conditiones thairof quhatsumever, efter the formes and tennors of the samyne in all pointes, saiffand alwayes and reservand to his majestie and his hienes successors richts, dewties and services of the lands and uthers abonementionat aucht and vont to his hienes and his predicessors befor this present confirmatione. Attour, our said soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates of this present parliament convenit as said is, decernes and ordaines that this present confirmatione is and sall be of als great availl, force, strenth and effect to the said Sir Johne Charteris of Aimesfield, knicht, his airs male, successors and assignais as if the said chartor, precept and instrument of sasing following thairupone wer word be word and per expressum insert heirintill, anent the quhilkes, and all and sundrie uther defects, imperfectiones and impediments (if any be) that may be objectit againes the validitie of the said chartor, precept and instrument of sasing following upon the samyne or this present confirmatione thairof, oure said soverane lord, for his hienes and his successors, with advyse and consent abonewrittine, hes dispensit and be thir presents dispenses for ever.

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