Act in favour of the Laird of Mackclachine

Oure soverane lord, with consent and advyse of his hienes thrie estates of this present parliament, ratifies and approves the chartor and infeftment maid and grantit be his majesties umquhile darrest father, of most happie and eternall memorie, with consent and advyse of James, earle of Mortoun, regent and governor of this realme for the tyme, wnder his majesties great seale, to umquhile Archibald Makclachine of that Ilk, and the airs male lawfullie gottine of his awine bodie, quhilks failyeing to umquhile Lauchlane oig Makclauchlane, his brother sone, and his airs male lawfullie gottine of his bodie, of all and sundrie the lands wnderwrittine, viz: all and haill the lands of Kilbryde, with the castell and fortalice of the samen, the lands of Kilmorie, the lands of Portindryne, the lands of Letterkethen, the lands of Leaniche, the lands of Scrone and Foirling, the lands of Leffennemore, the lands of Leffenneryoch, the lands of Garwoill, the lands of Leffenkyboill, the lands of Leffendrysicht, the lands of Barnacoirrie, the lands of Kwnochane, the lands of Auchinelethame, the lands of Midewning, the lands of Ewningover, the lands of Callow, the lands of Overchirvane, the lands of Midchirvane, the lands of Kellenewchane, the lands of Struarthour, the lands of Dunoid, the lands of Barnakill, the lands of Dunmuk, the lands of Kilchoane, the lands of Auchnassallycht, the lands of Nether Kaymes, the lands of Over Kaymes, the lands of Dirrelocht, the lands of Dowkennane, the lands of Drynelie, the lands of Gartingour, the lands of Nether Brancalyie and lands of Over Brancalyie, with mylnes, multors, wodes, fischings, pairts, pendicles, tennents, tennandries, service of frie tennents of the samyne and all uther pertinents, lyand withine the lordschip of Cowell and shirefdome of Ergyle, of the dait the tuentie fourt day of Februar, the yeir of God jM vC thriescoir thretteine yeirs, with the precept and instrument of sasing following thairupon. As also ane uther chartor and infeftment maid and grantit be his majesties umquhile darrest father to his hienes lovitt Lauchlane Makclauchlan, now of that Ilk, as sone and air to the said umquhile Lauchlane oig, and his airs male quhatsumever, of all and sundrie the foirnamit lands, with thair pertinents, and with the advocatioun, donatioun and richt of patronage of the kirk of Kilmorie, personage and viccarage of the samyne, of the dait the tent day of November, jM vjC and fourteine yeirs, with the precept and instrument of sasing following thairupon in all and sundrie heads, articles, clauses, conditiones and circumstances thairof quhatsumever. And wills and declairs that this present ratificatione and generalitie thairof is and sall be als valeid, effectuall and sufficient to the said Lauchane Makclayne2, now of that Ilk, and his airs male forsaidis for bruiking and joysing of all and sundrie the foirnamit lands and uthers abonespecifiet, with thair pertinents, perpetuallie in all tyme coming, as if the forsaidis chartors, precepts and instruments of sasing following thairupon, haill heads, articles, and clauses thairof wer at lenth word be word ingrost and insert heirintill; quhairanent, and with all that may be objectit thair againes, oure said soverane lord and his hienes estates forsaidis hes dispensit and be thir presents dispenses for ever.

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