Act in favour of Johne Erskeine of Balhagardie

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the haill estates of parliament presentlie convenit, hes ratifiet, confirmit and approvine and, be the tennor heirof, for his majestie and his successors, ratifies, confirmes and approves ane chartor and infeftment wnder the great seale, of the dait at Edinburgh, the tuentie day of Februar, jM vjC and auchteine yeirs, maid, givin and grantit be umquhile King James, his majesties father, of eternall memorie, to umquhile Johne Erskeine of Balhagardie, his airs male and assignais quhatsumever, of all and haill the lands and baronie of Balhagardie, comprehending thairine the particular townes, lands, mylnes, fischings, chaplanries, advocatione, donatione, richt of patronage, with the teindscheaves of all and haill the lands of Balhagardie, Pitscurie, thrie pleuches of land of Drumdurno, with the haill croftes lyand at the chappell of Garioche, and of the lands of Dorlethine, Pittodrie, the croft of the mylne of Inverramsay, and of the land of Knokinglas, with thair outsetts and insetts specifiet in the said chartor, with the precept of sasing following thairupon and seasing of the same, togider with the service and retour, precept of sasing following thairupon and instrument of sasing of the foirnamit lands, teinds and uthers abonewrittine, grantit to his majesties lovitt Thomas Erskeine, now of Balhagardie, as eldest lawfull sone and air to the said umquhile Johne Erskeine, his father; togider also with all uther chartors, infeftments, richts, titles and secuirities quhatsumever maid and grantit be our said soverane lord or his hienes said umquhile father or any of his majesties predicessors or be any uther persone or persones to and in favours of the said Thomas Erskeine, now of Balhagardie, or of the said Johne Erskeine of Balhagardie, his father, or of his umquhile guidsir, gransir, foirgrandsir on any uthers his predicessors of the saidis lands and baronie of Balhagardie, teinds and uthers mentionat in the said chartor, in the haill heads, articles, clauses, conditiones and circumstances thairin contenit, admitting this present ratificatione to be als valeid and sufficient in all respects as if the forsaid chartor and infeftment and uthers richts and secuirities forsaidis wer at lenth ingrossit heirine; quhairanent his majestie, with consent of the saidis thrie estates of parliament, be thir presents, dispenses for ever, and ordaines ane act of parliament to be extendit heirupon with all clauses neidfull, and thir presents to be ane sufficient warrand thairanent and for inserting thairof in the register and bookes of parliament.

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