Act in favour of Maister James Raith of Edmistoun

Oure soverane lord, with advyse of the thrie estates of this present parliament, hes ratifiet and approvine and, be thir presents, ratifies and approves the chartor grantit be his majestie, wnder his hienes great seale, to Maistir James Raith, advocat, and Eliza Fouller, his spous, and to the langest leivar of thame tua in conjunctfie, and to thair airs and assignais specifiet thairine, of all and sundrie the towne and lands of Edmonstoun, callit the Maynes of Edmonstoun, with maner place, mansioun houses, biggings, yeards, orcheards, medowes, dowcatt, cwninghair and all thair pertinents; and als of all and haill the lands of Cauldcoattes, with houses, biggings, yeards, toftes, croftes, pairts, pendicles and all thair pertinents, lyand within the regalitie of Mussleburgh and shirefdome of Edinburgh as principall, and of all and haill the thride pairt of the lands of Nuddrie Marschell, with the thride pairt of the mylne thairof, and that in speciall warrandice of the saidis lands of Cauldcoattes; and siclyk of all and haill the ile or buriall place situat within the kirk of Natoune within the parochine quhairof the saidis lands of Edmonstoun lyes, with the seat and dask within the said ile, biggit be umquhile Andro Edmonstoun of that Ilk and umquhile Sir Johne Edmonstoun, his sone, authors to the said Maister James Raith and his spous, of the dait the fyfteine day of July, the yeir of God jM vjC threttie yeirs, in all and sundrie heads, clauses, articles and conditiones contenit thairintill efter the forme and tennor thairof. And his majestie, with consent forsaid, wills, grants, decernes and declairs that the said chartor and infeftment sall be gude, valeid and sufficient richt to the said Maister James Raith, his said spous, thair airs and assignais for bruiking and joysing of the saidis lands and uthers abonewrittine in all tyme coming.

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