Act in favour of Sir Patrick Macgie of Larg, knicht

Oure soverane lord and estates of this present parliament ratifies, approves and perpetuallie confirmes ane chartor and infeftment wnder the great seale, daitit the second day of Februar, the yeir of God jM vjC and nynteine yeirs, grantit be our said soverane lords umquhile darrest father of eternall memorie, for himselff and as father and administrator for the tyme to his majestie that now is, his hienes darrest sone, to and in favour of Sir Patrick Makgie of Larg, knicht, and to the airs male lawfullie gottine or to be gottine of his bodie, quhilks failyeing to his neirest and lawfull eldest air female without divisione, of all and haill the lands and baronie of Larg, comprehendand the particular lands, mylnes, wodes, fischings, burgh of baronie of Monygoffe, fairs, mercatts, priveledges, liberties, immwnities and all uthers generallie and particularlie expressit and sett downe in the forsaid chartour and infeftment, togider with the instrument of sasing following thairupon, in all and sundrie heades, pointes, clauses and conditiones mentionat and expressit in the said chartor and infeftment, quhilks his majestie and estates forsaidis declairs to be haldine as for exprest and sett downe heirintill ad longum et de verbo in verbo. And farder, oure said soverane lord and estates forsaidis declairs and ordaines the forsaid chartor and infeftment to have beine and to be ane guid, valeid and perfyt richt and secuiritie to the said Sir Patrick Makgie, his airs and successors for thair heretable and perpetuall bruiking, joysing, using and possessing of the forsaidis lands, baronie, burgh of baronie, fairs, mercatts, priveledges, liberties and immwnities thairof and all uthers lands, heretage, mylnes, wodes, fischings and uthers generallie and particularlie contenit in the said chartor and infeftment efter the forme and tennor thairof in all pointes.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.118v-119r.