Act in favour of Maister Walter Quhytfuird

Oure soverane lord and estates of this present parliament ordaines ane ratificatioun to be maid thairine to and in favours of his hienes lovitt Maister Walter Quhytfuird, ane of his majesties chaplanes, ratifiand, approveand and, for his hienes and his successors, perpetuallie confirmand the act maid in his hienes parliament haldine at Edinburgh, the fourt day of August, the yeir of God jM vjC tuentie ane yeirs, quhairby our late umquhile soverane lord of worthie memorie and estates of the said parliament not onlie ratifiet and approvit the gift and provisioune grantit be our said umquhile late soverane lord of worthie memorie under the great seale, of the dait at Windsore, the penult day of August, jM vjC and nynteine yeirs, to the said Maister Walter Quhytefuird of the benefeice of the ministrie of Failfurde, with the assignatioun maid to him of the haill maills, fermes, fewfermes, caynes, customes, casualities, proffeitts and dewties of the temporalitie of the said benefice during his lyftyme, bot also hes dissolvit fra the crowne and patrimonie thairof all and sundrie tours, fortalices, lands, mylnes, wodes, fischings, annuelrents, tenements, patronages and uthers quhatsumever perteining of old to the benefice of the said ministrie of Failfurd and formerlie annexit to the crowne as said is, and unitit and annexit the samyne of new againe to the said ministrie of Failfurde in the same maner as they wer befor the said annexatioun of the samyn to the crowne, to the effect the samen, with the maills, fermes, fewfermes, kaynes, customes, superiorities, casualities, proffeitts and dewties quhatsumever may be injoyed and peaciblie possest be the said Maister Walter Quhytfurde, present minister of Failfurde, and efter his deceis be his successors, ministers of Failfurde, as also the letters of gift following thairone, and upon the said Maister Walter, his resignatione, maid, givin and grantit be our said soverane lord that now reignes, with advyse of his hienes thesaurar principall and deputtie and remanent lords of his hienes exchecker of Scotland, his majesties commissioners, to the said Maister Walter Quhytfurd for all the dayes of his lyftyme of all and haill the benefice and ministrie of Failfurd abonespecifiet, with all honors, dignities, priveledges, immwnities, commodities and casualities perteining and belonging to the said benefice, with all and sundrie lands, baronies, tours, fortalices, maner places, houses, biggings, yeards, orcheards, mylnes, wodes, fischings, rents, annuelrents, teinds, kirks, teindscheaves, great and small fermes, fewfermes, kaynes, customes, proffeits, emoluments and dewties quhatsumever perteining and belonging to the said benefice and ministrie of Failfurde, alsweill spiritualitie as temporalitie thairof, quhairever the samyne ly withine this realme, conteining ample powers, liberties and priveledges contenit in the saidis letters of gift, as the samyne under his majesties great seale of the dait at Quhytehall, the tent day of Februar, the yeir of God jM vjC tuentie sevine yeirs, at mair lenth beirs, with the procuratories and instruments of dimissione and resignatioun quhairupon the said gift proceidit, and with the instruments of institutione and possessione following thairupone, and all decreits conforme recoverit thairupon, of quhatsumever daits, tennors and contents the samyn be of, in all and sundrie the heads, pointes, clauses, articles, circumstances and conditiones thairin contenit and efter the formes and tennors thairof in all pointes; and wills and grants and, for his hienes and his successors, perpetuallie decernes and ordaines that this present ratificatioun of the saidis actes of dissolutioun and gift and uthers speciallie and generallie abonewrittine is and sall be of als great strenth, force and effect to the said Maister Walter Quhytfurd for briuking of the said benefice, haill honors, dignities, casualities, lands, heretages, baronies, kirks, teinds and uthers abonespecifiet belonging thairto as if the samyn haill richts speciallie and particularlie abonewrittine war all at lenth ratifiet and contenit heirine; quhairanent our said soverane lord and estates of parliament hes dispensit and be thir presents dispenses for ever, and that the said ratificatioun be farder extendit with all clauses necessar.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.109v-110r.