Act in favour of the Laird of Swintoune

Oure soverane lord, with advyse of the thrie estates of this present parliament, ratifies, approves and confirmes the chartor grantit be his majesties umquhile darrest father, King James the Saxt, wnder his great seale, in favours of umquhile Robert Swintoune of that Ilk and his airs male and tailyie speciallie designit thairin, of all and haill the lands of Meikle and Litle Swintounes and kirklands thairof, togider with the lands of Cranschaves and patronage of the kirk of the samyne, and unione thairof in ane baronie, to be haldine of his majestie in fewferme and heretage for payment of tuentie merks sterling for the lands of Mekle Swintoune, ane mark for the lands of Litle Swintoune, and fourtie fyve schillings for the kirklands thairof, and for the lands of Cranschaves [...], with the haill clauses contenit in the said chartor, of the dait the tuentie saxt day of Junii, jM vjC [...] yeirs, togider also with ane decreit befor the lords of [...], quhairby the dewtie of the said tuentie merk sterling is explanit and declarit to be onlie tuentie merks usuall money of Scotland, togider also with all and sundrie uthers charteris, precepts, sasings, richts, evidents and secuirities quhatsumever maid and grantit be quhatsumever persone or persones, in favours of Maister Alexander Swintoune, now of that Ilk, or any of his predicessors or authors of or concerning the saidis lands of Meikle and Litle Swintoune kirklands thairof, the lands of Cranschaves, patronage of the kirk of the samyne and haill pertinents thairof, properties and superiorities of the samyne in any tyme bygaine, willing and declaring the generalitie of this present act sall nowayes prejudge the said Maister Alexander and his airs and successors, bot that the samyne sall be als valeid and sufficient to him and thame as if the samyne wer speciallie heirine exprest and haill tennors thairof de verbo in verbum ingrossit in this present act. And ordaines this present act and haill infeftments to be guid, valeid and sufficient to the said Maister Alexander and his airs as thair awin propper heretage in all tyme coming to bruik the samyne.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.109r.