Procedure: protest; asking of instruments

The same day comperit ane noble lord Mungo, vicount of Stormonth, lord Scone etc., and protestit that the ratificatioun past in this present parliament of the letter of gift grantit be his majestie wnder the privie seale, of the dait the fyft day of May, jM vjC threttie ane yeirs, to and in favour of Williame Murray, groome of his majesties bedchamber, sould nowayes be hurtfull or prejudiciall to the said Mungo, vicount of Stormonth of his infeftment of the lands and baronie of Bambreich wnder the great seale of the dait the auchteine day of July, jM vjC and saxteine yeirs; and that the said vicount of Stormonth be na farder burdenit in payment of the dewties contenit in his said infeftment nor he is in use to mak compt in exchecker, and to receave his eques thairupon, and that the forsaid ratificatioun be nowayes prejudiciall to na actes nor precepts or allowances in exchecker anent the payment of the saidis few dewties nor yett to the said Vicount of Stormonth, his gift grantit to him wnder the privie seale of the dait the tuentie nynt day of Apryll, jM vjC and tuelf yeirs anent the keiping of the hous of Huntingtour and uthers priveledges and offices thairin contenit, nor to the assignatione thairin mentionat maid to the said Vicount of Stormonth of the silver victuall, kaynes and uthers thairin specifiet. The quhilk protestatione our said soverane lord and estates of parliament forsaidis have admitted and, be thir presents, admitts, quhairupon the said Mungo, vicount of Stormonth askit instruments.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.99v-100r.