Act in favour of the Lord of Lowdoun

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the thrie estates of this present parliament, be thir presents, ratifies and approves the act of the commissioners for surranders and teinds of the dait the tuentie nynt day of July, jM vjC threttie ane yeirs, quhairby and for the causes onerous thairin contenit they fand it meit and expedient, and concludit and ordanit, that his hienes richt traist cowsigne Johne, lord of Lowdoun and his successors sould have the richt of patronage of the new erectit kirk, callit the kirk of the Mure, with the presentatione of the ministers serving thairat, and humblie intreittit and requeistit his majestie to approve the proceidings of the saidis commissioners and to erect the said kirk of the Mure in ane severall kirk and parochine and to dispone the heretable richt of the patronage, advocatioun and donatioun of the said kirk to the said Lord Lowdoun, his airs male and successors. And lykwayes humblie requeistit his sacred majestie and estates of this present parliament to ratifie and approve the said act with the richt and infeftment of patronage to be givin be his majestie in favours of the said Lord Lowdoun, and to grant to the said Lord of Lowdoun and his forsaidis such farder warrant and secuiritie thairanent as may stand with law and justice in all pointes, articles and clauses thairin contenit eftir the forme and tennor thairof. And declairs, statuites and ordaines that this present ratificatioun thairof is, and sall be, als sufficient in all respects as if the samyne wer at lenth insert heirintill, dispensing heirby with the not inserting thairof. And lykwayes his majestie, with consent forsaid, be thir presents of new unites and erects the said kirk of the Mure and parochin thairof in ane severall and distinct paroche kirk and parochine be it selff, and ordaines ane infeftment to be grantit be his majestie wnder the great seale to the said Lord of Lowdoun, his airs male and assignais of the advocatione, donatione and richt of patronage of the said kirk of the Mure, to be haldin of his majestie and his successors in frie blenshe for yeirlie payment of ane pennie Scottes at the feast of Whitsunday in name of blensche ferm if it beis askit allanerlie; and ordaines thir presents to be ane sufficient warrand to the clerk of register and his deputtes to extend ane act of parliament heirupon in dew forme.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.74v.