Act in favoures of the Bischope of Galloway

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the thrie estates of this present parliament, be thir presents ratifies and approves the gift maid be his majesties umquhile darrest father wnder the great seale of the dait at Baver Castell, the fourt day of August, jM vjC and nynteine yeirs, in favours of ane reverend father in God Andro, bischope of Galloway, off the said bischoprick of Galloway, comprehending thairin the pryorie of Quhithorne and abbacies of Tungland and Glenluce unit and annexit thairto of befor, with all and sundrie lands, baronies, mylnes, fischings, kirks, teinds great and small, rents, emoluments, fewfermes, caynes, customes and uthers perteining to the said bischoprick, pryorie and abbacies, and quhaireof the bischopes of the said bischoprick, pryors of the said pryorie and abbattes of the saidis abbacies wer in possessioun, as propper pairts of the patrimonie of the saidis benefices at any tyme of befor and quhilk perteines, or may be knawin to perteine, be any maner of way to the saidis bischoprick, pryorie and abbacies, togider with the former actes of parliament quhairby the saidis pryorie of Quhithorne and abbacies of Tungland and Glenluce wer annexit, unit and incorporat into and with the said bischoprick of Galloway in all and sundrie pointes, articles and clausis thairincontenit eftir the formes and tennors thairof, and declairs, statuites and ordaines that this present ratificatioun thairof sall be als valide and lawfull as if the samyne wer at lenth insert heirintill, dispensing heirby with the not inserting thairof. And farder his majestie, with advyse and consent forsaid, be thir presents of new unites, annexis and incorporates the saidis pryorie of Quhithorne and abbacies of Tungland and Glenluce, with all lands, baronies, mylnes, fischings, kirkes, teinds great and small, fruites, rents, emoluments and dewties perteining and belonging thairto, or to the spiritualitie and temporalitie thairof, into and with the said bischoprick of Galloway, to remaine in all tyme coming with the said bischoprick as ane propper pairt of the patrimonie thairof, ordaining thir presents to be ane sufficient warrand to the clerk of register and his deputts for extending ane act of parliament heirupon in dew forme.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.64r.