Act in favour of Williame Dowglas of Cavers

In the parliament haldine at Edinburgh, the tuentie aucht day of Junii, the yeir of God jM vjC threttie thrie yeirs, the quhilk day, anent the petitioun givin in and presentit to his majestie and estates of parliament convenit for the tyme be Williame Dowglas of Cavers shewing that he, knawing his majesties royall intentione to bring in to the crowne all heretable offices, hes had more deare wnto him then the expressioun of his loyall willingnes to give readie obedience to all his majesties royall commandements, and in particular to resigne in his majesties hands that heretable office of the shirefschip of Roxburgh possest be him and his predicessors thes many ages bygane, which readines he also witnessed in the tyme of his majesties father of happie memorie be offering to surrander in his royall hands the said heretable office for the soume of fourtie fyve thousand merkes Scottes money, which his majestie appointit to be givin to him for the said resignatioun, bot was never payit; and since it was not sutable to his majesties just and beauetifull dispositioun to tak frome any of his good subjects that quhairwnto they had richt be the lawes of the cuntrie authorized by possessioun of long discent without competent retrobutioun maid to thame for the same, thairfor humblie creaving that his majestie wald be gratiouslie pleased to declair that the extent of his majesties revocatioun sould not reache to the prejudice of the said petitioner and his successors in thair richt and possessioun of the said heretable office quhill first he wer payit and satisfied of the soumes of money abonewrittine aggreit upon betuix his majesties royall father of eternall memorie and him, and that his majestie wald ordaine act and instrument to be maid thairupon in the buikes of parliament, as the said supplicatioun mair fullie proports. Quhilk being hard, seine and considerit be his majestie and estates of parliament, they, eftir mature deliberatioun, decerne, statuit and ordaine the said Williame Dowglas, petitioner forsaid, and his airs and successors, to injoy, bruik and possess his said richt and office of heretable shirefschip abonewrittine within the said shirefdome of Roxburgh as he and his predicessors injoyed the same of befor, and that ay and quhill payment be maid to him or thame of the soume of tuentie thousand punds Scottes money conforme to ane act of counsall maid thairanent of the dait the thretteine day of Junii, the yeir of God jM vjC and tuentie yeirs.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.50v-51r.