Letter: king's letter to the privy council

Followes his majesties missive for warrand of the act abonewrittin:

Charles R[ex], right trustie and right weilbelovit cousine and counsellour, right trustie and weilbelovit cousines and counsellours and right trustie and weilbelovit counsellours, we greit yow weill. After long tyme and manie meetings betweene the commissioners of both our kingdomes for a generall associatioun for the fishing, whereat we our selffe for the most part wes present, the bussines being now to our great contentment concluded with mutuall consent of both, as may appeare by the chartours whiche we send yow heirwith, drawin up according to the heads that wer agreed upon, wherein we have had ane speciall care to preserve the dignitie of that our ancient kingdome, both in the placing thairof and in the appending of the seales; and our pleasure is that yow pas the chartour whiche we have givin as king of Scotland, England and Ireland immediatlie under our great seale of Scotland in the first place, that thereafter the same may be returned and the great seale of England appended thereunto in the secund place, and that yow caus append the great seale of that our kingdome of Scotland in the secund place to the other chartour givin by ws as king of England, Scotland and Ireland, whereunto the seale of England is alreadie appended in the first place, and for your further warrand heereanent (besides these presents) we have sent unto yow two signatures, conforme to the custome of that our kingdome, as warrand for both the chartours, togidder with the Latine chartour signed by ws as king of England, Scotland and Ireland, of whiche chartours and signatures yow sall make use as yow sall thinke fitt or as neid sall require. And becaus it is thought expedient that both the chartours be of one dait, it is our further pleasure that yow make yours of the dait with the other of this our kingdome, whiche is dated at Westminster, the 19th of July 1632, that ane greater conformitie be in suche records as concerne a worke of that consequence. Whiche speciallie recommending to your care, we bid yow heartilie fareweell. Frome our court at Oatlands, the last of July 1632.

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