Act anent presenting of plaiding to mercats

Anent the greevance givin in be the burrowes tuicheing the prejudice susteanned be thame throw the presenting of plaiding to mercats in rollis whairby the insufficiencie thairof is concealed frome the buyers, to thair great hurt, the estaits remitts this mater and the ordering thairof to his majesteis counsell upon the first counsell day of Februarie nixtocome, and ordanis the Laird of Pittodrie who wes personallie present to make intimatioun heirof to the commissioners for the shirefdome of Aberdein to be chosin at Michaelmes nixt, to the intent they may make choise of a commissioner to be directed to the counsell to attend this bussines the day foresaid; certifeing thame if they compeir not, that his majesteis counsell will take suche order for remeiding the abuse as after consideratioun of the bussines they sall thinke fitting. The commissiouris for the burrowes being present ar warned apud acta.

The estaits remitts to his majesteis counsell the order to be takin for remeiding of the abuse anent yarne and skinnes.

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