Procedure: petition
Anent New Scotland

The estaits presentlie conveened, having dewlie considderit the benefite arysing to this kingdome by the accessioun of Newscotland and of the succesfull plantatioun alreadie made there by the gentlemen undertakers of the same, in regarde whairof, and that the saids lands and territoreis of Newscotland ar by the patent thairof made in favours of Sir Williame Alexander of Menstrie, knight, his majesteis secretarie, annexed to the crowne, thairfoir the saids estaits, all in one voice, hes concluded and agreed that his majestie sall be petitioned to mainteane his right of Newscotland and to protect his subjects undertakers of the said plantatioun in the peceable possessioun of the same as being a purpose highlie concerning his majesteis honnour and the good and credite of this his ancient kingdome.

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