Procedure: remits; ordinance; ratification

The estaits remitts to the great commissioun for the surrenders and teinds the appointing of dyets to the titulars of teinds for discussing and perfytting of the valuations whair they have referred the worth of thair teinds to the oath of veritie of the heretours.

The estaits remitts to the great commissioun the consideratioun of that article givin in be the gentrie desyring a committee to be grantit for receaving of securitie fra the heretours for leading of thair teinds.

Anent the article and greevance givin in be the gentrie to the estaits tuicheing the fears apprehendit be the leiges upon his majesteis revocatioun and summonds raised thairupon, the estaits ordains ane missive to be writtin to his majestie humbelie intreatting that his majestie would be gratiouslie pleased to give commissioun to his majesteis exchecker for renewing and passing of infeftments to suche of his majesteis subjects whois rights ar defective upon compositioun to be payed for the same to his majestie according to the qualitie of thair defective rights.

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