Procedure: ratification of the king's decreets; asking of instruments
Ratification of his majesteis decreits upon the submissions

The estaits presentlie conveenned ratifeis, allowes and approves the foure decreits givin and pronunced be the king's majestie upon the generall submissiouns made to his majestie be the prelats, lords of erectiouns, titulars, heretours, burrowes and others submitters anent the few mailles of erectiouns, teinds of other mens lands, rate and pryce thairof, and securiteis of the same, quhilks decreits ar of the dait at Winsore, the secund day of September 1629 yeeres, and registrat in the bookes of privie counsell upon the auchtene day of the said moneth of September, in the haill heids, point, clauses and articles conteanit thairintill and after the forme and tennour thairof in all points, and speciallie that part thairof whairby it is ordained that everie heretour sall have his awin teind and whairby the rate of the teind is appointed to be the fyft part and the pryce thairof nyne yeeres purchasse, and whairby it is provyded that the titular sall not be denuded of his right and possessioun till he receave satisfactioun according to the saids decreits; and ordains lettres of horning and other executioun to pas thairupon in forme as effeirs. Quhairupon Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, knight barounet, his majesteis advocat, asked instruments.

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