Procedure: protest and remittance to the king
Act anent Laurence Keir

The whilk day, Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, knight barounet, his majesteis advocat, produced ane missive letter writtin unto him frome the king's majestie conteaning ane directioun unto him to persew and proceid aganis Laurence Keir, lait servant to Maister Johne Skeene, clerk of the billis, for some oppressiouns committed be the said Laurence aganis his majesteis subjects in the charge quhilk he had under the said Maister Johne Skeene, if he found the informatioun made to his majestie in that mater to be trew; and thairfair the said advocat, out of the dewtie of his office, protested that the pardoun and discharge of penall statuts granted in this conventioun sall not be extendit to the crymes of oppressioun and extortioun alledgit committed be the said Laurence, and that the saids crymes wer not of the nature and qualitie of penall statuts. Quhilk protestatioun being heard and considderit be the estaits, they remitt the consideratioun thairof to his majesteis royall and excellent judgement.

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