Letter: king's letter to the estates

Followes his majesties missive letter for warrand of the twa acts abonewrittin:

Charles R[ex], right trustie and weilbelovit cousines and counsellours, we greit yow weill. Whereas humble complaint hath beene made unto ws in behalffe of diverse of our free burrowes who ar not shireffs within thameselffes, that they undergo great and unnecessarie charges by travelling to parts farre distant frome thair dwellings for giving up the inventars of their annuelrents to the shireffs of the shyre, where the same might muche more convenientlie and als surelie be done before thair provests and bailliffes, whairin we, inclyning that some order be established for thair good and ease, our pleasure is (if yow finde that we be not thairby prejudged and that no inconvenient otherwise may arise by the same) that yow signifie our pleasure to our nixt conventioun of estaits there, that they give way thairunto by making suche ane act of conventioun as yow and they sall best condescend upon to this purpose, to be ratified in the nixt parliament, quhairby both the saids magistrats and other subjects may frome hencefurth be authorized to proceid accordinglie. And whereas we ar informed that our lait royall father, of his princelie favour, pardouned diverse penall statuts, as by commissiouns for trying of what of thame wer fitt to be executed what to be pardouned may appeare, we being lykewayes willing for diverse good and weightie causes moving ws at this tyme to give thame suche taste of our bountie and favour as may the better induce thame not to transgresse our lawes heerafter, or expect anie further impunitie incaise they sould abuse our princelie clemencie heerin, whairof we ar willing that speciall notice be givin thame after what maner yow sall thinke fitt, our pleasure is that by ane act of the said conventioun to be ratified in the ensueing parliament yow caus discharge our subjects of all penall statuts whatsoever proceeding the dait heirof, whiche were formerlie remitted in anie parliament and of the fynes of all penall statuts made in anno 1621. And for your so doing these presents sall be your warrand. So we bid yow fareweill. Frome our court at Whitehall, the 28 of June 1630.

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