Procedure: protest
The advocat's protestatioun aganis the acts abonewrittin

The whilk day Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, knight barounet, advocat to our soverane lord, protested for his majestie that the generall pardoun past this day in conventioun be onelie extendit to suche acts of parliament as hes ane pecuniall and arbitrarie punishment adjected thairto, and quhilks by the act of parliament in August 1621 ar desynned to be penall statuts; and speciallie that it be not extendit to the faults and escapes of wrytters and clerkes for oppressing his majesteis lieges in tyme bygane in respect the pane thairof is deprivatioun fra thair office whilk is not pecuniall nor arbitrarie. And siclyke desyred that the exceptioun of hacquebutts and pistolets in favours of these who hes committed no cryme nor offence thairwith, quhilk seemes to be reasounable, may be recommendit to his majestie becaus his majesteis letter is onelie extendit to suche penall statuts as wes pardouned of before, whairof that of pistolets wes never remitted.

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