Act anent penall statuts

The estaits presentlie conveenned, according to his majesteis gratious will and pleasure signified unto thame be his letter, hes discharged, pardouned and freelie remitted and, be the tennour of this present act, discharges, pardouns and freelie remitts all penall statuts whatsomever contraveenned be anie of his majesteis subjects at anie tyme bygane preceeding the dait heirof, and whilks wer formerlie remitted and pardouned in anie preceeding parliaments; and siclyke discharges all his majesteis subjects of the fynes of all penall statuts made in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh in the moneth of August 1621, excepting alwayes furth and fra the said pardoun the statuts made aganis usurie and the concealments of the moneyes of his majesteis taxatioun and the bearing and wearing of hacquebutts and pistolets where the same hes beene caryed and used aganis anie of his majesteis good subjects, or where the bearers thairof hes beene formerlie conveenned before his majesteis counsell and hes found cautioun to forbeare.

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