Procedure: continuation of parliament

The whilk day the commissionarsis underwrittin of the foresaid parliament videlicet, Johnne, erll of Mar, thesaurer, Thomas, erll of Hadingtoun, lord privie seill, George, erle of Wintoune, Robert erle of Roxburghe, Schir Johne Hammiltoun of Magdalenis, clerk of registere, and Schir Thomas Hope of Craighall, knicht barronet, his hienes advocat, sex of the commissionaris conteinid in the foresaid commissioune, to whome and remanent commissionaris contenit in the said commissioune warrand and powar is gevine to thame, or any fyve of thame, for fensing of the said court of parliament and continowing thairof to sic dyett as his majestie sould appoynt causit fens the said court of parliament and callit the suitis thairof foresaidis. Quhilk being done, the kingis advocat abonenamit produceit ane lettre frome his majestie beirand date from his hienes court at Whythall 25 Martii 1629 yeiris and registerat in the buikis of secreit counsall the sext day of Aprile instant for continowing of the said parliament whill the fyft day of September nixt 1629. Quhilk lettre being publictlie red and instrumentis takin thairupone be his hienes advocat, the saidis commissionaris of this present parliament abonenameid hes continowit and continowis the foresaid parliament with all actiounes, causes and utheris materis belonging thairto in the same forme, force and effect etc., whill the said fyft day of September nixtocume, then to be hauldin at Edinburghe or whair it sall happin the lordis of privie counsale to direct be thair lettres of oppen proclamatioun; and ordanes the haill estaittis of parliament and all utheris, oure soverane lordis leiges, to attend thairupone under the panes contenid in the actis of parliament within this realme.

Wpoun the fensing of the whilk parliament and continowatioun thairof foresaid and haill premisis abonewrittin, the said Schir Thomas Hope, advocat to oure soverane lord, for his highnes interes, askit instrumentis.

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