Ane act anent weyghtis and measouris

The estaittis presentlie convenit, considdering how that the commissioneris nominat be the parliament haldin at Edinburgh in the moneth of Junii 1617 for reduceing of the weightis and measouris of this kingdome to ane conformitie hes, with grite panes and travellis and with sound judgement, mature advise and deliberatioun, broght that work to ane goode and happie conclusioun by establisheing and setting downe ane perfyte and just forme of measour and weight, whairby all his majesties leiges ar commandit to buy and sell, ressave and delyver thair victuall and otheris commodityis under certane panes contenit in the act and the ordinance maid thairanent, as in the same insert and registratt in the bookes of parliament and dewlie publist at all placeis neidfull, whairthrow nane of his majesties subjectis can with reasone pretend ignorance of the same, at lenth is contenit. Nochtwithstanding whairof, it is cleirlie understand to the estaittis that this act importing so far the generall goode of the kingdome is in a maner become in dissuetude throughout mony pairtis of this kingdome and people hes tane the bauldnes, without feare of the law or regaird of his majesties royall auctoritie, to renew the formar abuse of buying and selling, ressaveing and delyverie of victuall and otheris goodes with different weightis and measouris, everie one making choise of measouris according to thair unrewlie appetite and as thair avaritious and greedie humour leadis thame. And besydis this publict contempt and brek of the law thair is ane other abuse renewed, whiche formarlie wes dischairgit be act of counsell and proclamationis publist throughout the kingdome, to witt the exacting of ane peck or more under the name of cheritie to the boll; and this abuse is foisterit and intertenyed be nomberis of the rude and godles multitude as namelie be maltmen, mailmakeris, baxteris and otheris personis, couparis and tradaris with victuall, who, out of thair avaritious and godles humour, will nouther buy nor ressave victuall unles thay gett ane peck or more of cheritie to the boll, doing thairby what in thame lyis to frustratt and mak voyde the executioun of the said act of parliament and to draw upoun his majesties subjectis and namelie upoun the poore fermoraris and labouraris of the ground such ane havy yoke and burdene as thay ar not able to underly making thame losse ane boll or more of everie chalder of thair fermes. For remeid whairof, the estaittis, according to thair formar actis and proclamationis maid heiranent, chargeis and inhibitis all his majesties leiges that nane of thame presoome nor tak upoun hand to ressave or delyver ony victuall or otheris merchandice and goodes bot with the measouris and weightis appoyntit and sett downe be the said act of parliament and conforme to the preceis reull, forme and ordour mentionat thairin, without exacting, craveing or ressaveing of ony cheritie to the boll or useing ony other forme of cousanage, policie or circumventioun to abuse his majesties subjectis in ressaveing and delyvering of thair victuall or to frustratt the executioun of the said act of parliament, under the panes contenit in the actis and proclamationis formarlie maid heiranent, whilkis panes salbe execute upoun thame without favour. Chargeing heirby all his majesties officiaris and magistratis to burgh and land and otheris to whose office and charge the executioun of the saidis actis appertenis, to cause diligent attendance be gevin, everie one of thame within thair awne boundis, whair and be whome the saidis actis ar violatt and to tak suche course and ordour for punisheing of the same as by the tennour of the saidis actis is enjoyned unto thame as thay and everie one of thame will answeir to his majestie and his counsell upoun the duetifull discharge of thair office.

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