Anent the furnissing of ijM men with shipping

Anent the propositioun maid be Sir George Hay of Kinfawnis, knight, lord heigh chancellour of this kingdome, to the estaittis presentlie convenit that in regaird of the grite preparatioun of foreyne forceis through out diverse pairtis of Europe and that it was verie necessair and expedient that this kingdome sould be likewayes upoun thair gaird provydit to withstand and resist ony foreyne invasioun that sould be intendit, that thairfore the estaittis wald yeild to the furnishing of tua thowsand men with shipping for the space of thrie yeiris, to the intent thay micht be ever in reddines, alsweele for persute as defence, as the necessitie of thair imployment and service for the saulftie of the countrey sould require, and for the whilk, his majestie wald discharge the late taxatioun granitit be the estaittis unto his majestie, except so muche thairof as wald serve for defraying of the chargis of his majesties comeing to this kingdome to accept the royall crowne thairof. The estaittis, haveing hard and considderit the said propositioun, thay all exprest thair most earnest affectioun to extend the uttermost of thair abilities for his majesties contentment, especiallie in a matter so muche concerning thair awne saulftie; yitt the knawne povertie of the cuntrey by the calamitie of some hard yeiris could not in thair opinions affoorde ony grittar sowmes than the taxatioun presentlie grantit to, promiseing nevertheles to be reddie with thair personis to advance his majesties service in all interveneing and necessair occasionis concerning the defence and saulftie of the cuntrey.

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