Proclamation: rendezvous of troops at Kelso
Proclamation for the commanders and officers under [James Livingstone], earl of Callander's charge

The estates of parliament, now presently convened by virtue of the last act of the last parliament held by his majesty and the three estates in 1641, considering that the earl of Callander, lieutenant general, is with all diligence this afternoon to proceed to the army at Kelso, therefore these are to command and charge all commanders and officers whatsoever, both horse and foot, (except those who are members of parliament who are not to go but as they shall get orders with their whole regiments, companies and troops) under the pain of death to be at the rendezvous at Kelso at the times following, namely: the troops and horsemen tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning, and the foot tomorrow night, being 12 June, as they love the good of the common cause, peace and safety of the kingdom; and ordain the same to be intimated at the cross of Edinburgh presently by a lyon herald by sound of trumpet.

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