Order: in favour of the laird of Gight
Ordinance in favour of [George Gordon], laird of Gight

The estates of parliament, having heard the desire of George Gordon of Gight put forth by [William Hamilton], earl of Lanark, president of the committee for regulating processes, desiring liberty to write to his lady and that an apothecary might come in to the tolbooth to him for his advice and help; as also that Gight might be freed of the burden of the maintenance of his brother, who is likewise in prison, the said estates grant the aforesaid desire and permit Gight to write to his lady, the letter being always seen and allowed by the aforesaid committee; as also grant liberty to an apothecary to have access to the laird of Gight in the tolbooth to advise and help his health in respect of the weakness of his body, for the which this act shall be a sufficient warrant. And the supplicant condescends that Patrick Hepburn is the apothecary whom he designs, who the estates permit to have access as above.

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