Order: continuation of process
Ordinance in favour of Thomas Nicolson, burgess of Aberdeen, and others

The estates of parliament, now presently convened by virtue of the last act of the last parliament held by his majesty and the three estates in 1641, having considered the supplication given in by Thomas Nicolson, burgess of Aberdeen and the other persons specified, desiring judges delegate to be chosen to take precognition of the criminal process pursued by the widow and bairns of the late William Brown against the supplicants before the justice, and of the other criminal process pursued by the supplicants against Sir Alexander Gordon of Clunie and his associates also before the justice, and in the meantime to give warrant to the justice to continue the diet of the process against the supplicants until the judges delegate report the precognition to be taken by them relating thereto; the said estates continue the diets of both the aforesaid processes until 14 June instant, and in the meantime ordain the several estates to be advised in their several bodies with that part of the desire of the supplication anent the precognition thereby craved.

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