Declaration: concerning the lieutenant general's commission
Declaration for [James Livingstone], earl of Callander anent his accepting the commission

Forasmuch as the paper underwritten given in for the earl of Callander, lord lieutenant general, whereof the tenor follows: The earl of Callander accepts the commission to be lieutenant general under condition that no person whatsoever be interposed or have precedency in command between him and the lord general in the armies and forces levied or to be levied by the kingdom of Scotland in or without the same and employed in this common cause within Scotland or England. Being publicly read in audience of the estates of parliament, now presently convened by virtue of the last act of the last parliament held by his majesty and the three estates in 1641, the said estates of parliament agreed to the same as being truly expressed by the said earl of Callander the time of his acceptance of the post of lieutenant general, and ordain this act to be extracted and delivered to the said earl of Callander hereupon.

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