Prayers said, rolls called.

Act and proclamation charging the several committees of war to send two of their number, with their clerk, to the parliament with their records, acts and orders of their committees

The estates of parliament, by virtue of the last act of the last parliament held by his majesty and three estates in 1641, considering that by orders from the convention of estates it was appointed that the whole several shires should put out in this expedition the just half of the number of horse and foot laid upon them to be put out in the former expedition, with 20 days' provision, under the pain of 400 merks for each horseman wanting and £100 for each footman wanting, to be paid by the heritors, liferenters and others indebted in payment thereof, and that the committee of each shire should be answerable thereof and send one of their own number to give an account thereof to the committee of estates at a certain day bygone. And accordingly, several orders being sent to the committee of war of each sheriffdom, notwithstanding whereof the committees aforesaid have altogether neglected to put out the just half of the number of horse and foot aforesaid or make report according to the said orders, and therefore the estates of parliament aforesaid ordain and command messengers of arms to pass and charge the whole committees of war of the said whole sheriffdoms and their clerks by open proclamation at their several market crosses of the head burghs of each shire to send two of their number, with their clerk and the records of their acts and orders, to compear before the said estates of parliament, if they be sitting, and failing thereof, before the committee of estates that shall be appointed for the time, upon the [...] day of [...], to answer upon their disobedience of the said orders, and to hear and see them decreed to make payment of £100 for each footman and 400 merks for each horseman not put out by them as said is, and to hear further course taken relating thereto as the said estates of parliament or their committees shall think fit, and that they compear under the pain of rebellion and the putting of them to the horn. With certification to them if they fail, letters shall be directed simply to put them thereto etc. and the said committees to have their relief off the heritors and others subject to payment.

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