[Committee to consider the instructions for the committee sent to the north]

The convention of estates, considering the course taken by the committee in sending two of the regiments that come out of Ireland to the south and one to the north, appoint [Archibald Campbell, marquis of] Argyll, [John Kennedy, earl of] Cassilis, [John Maitland, earl of] Lauderdale, [John Sinclair, lord] Sinclair, [Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of] Burleigh, [Sir Patrick Hepburn of] Waughton, [George Dundas of] Dundas, Sir William Scott [of Harden], Sir Thomas Kerr [of Cavers], the commissioners [Sir John Smith of Grotehill and Thomas Paterson for] Edinburgh, [James Bell for] Glasgow, [Robert Davidson for] Dundee and [George Gardyne for] Burntisland to be a committee to consider on the commission, instructions and other directions necessary for the expedition to the north and on the power of a committee to be sent there, and how the peace of the borders may be secured, and to report.

[Quartering of Argyll's troop in Perthshire; excommunication of the marquis of Huntly and others for the rebellion in the north]

The estates recommend to [Archibald Campbell], marquis of Argyll to give orders to his lord's troop to quarter on such appropriate lands in Perthshire as have not put out their men.

The which day the commissioners of the general assembly represented to the estates that they had given order for the summary excommunication of [George Gordon], marquis of Huntly and other prime actors in the rebellion in the north.

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